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Free Money Anyone? (Local Grants Available & a super fast way to check eligibility!)

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Money tree in a glass pot
Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Everybody likes the idea of free money, but let's be honest nothing in life comes for free, we all know that, even if the cost is time and effort, there is still a cost.

Government and Council grants are probably the closest thing to free money, but as anyone who has tried to get any grants you are hampered by 2 things...

  1. The time it takes to try to find a grant (my experience has been nigh on impossible as they all keep changing and you can never find them all in one place)

  2. The time it takes trying to fill in the forms (I have tried a few times to fill in their paperwork and only ever once succeeded and that was only because I became good friends with someone working in our local Economic Development Dept. ... need I say more.

Usually my experience has been you start with great gusto in an effort to get this free money and 3 weeks later you are still trying to figure out what the damn forms actually need and all you have to show for your efforts is an encyclopaedia sized pile of paperwork.

Well we have partnered up with Swoop Funding which helps reduce that cost / pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth experience.

They have created a super easy way to open a free account with them and once you have entered your business details not only will they look for current grants but they will continue to look out for grants in the future that businesses in your area might be eligible for. That also includes the R&D Tax credits, where their specialists will help guide you through that process too (Need an entirely other Blog post for what things you might be able to claim for) In addition to grants they are also available to help sniff out investors as well as traditional funding. In fact I counted up the number of options for business funding ... they 23 different ways they might be able find money for your business. When I looked through the platform it really is a one stop shop for all things business finance related. I was so impressed I asked if we could partner up as I know many of my contacts would really find this one useful. Their USP? They are easy to deal with, practical, know the UK industries and tax schemes inside out and they have real people on the end of the phone if forms are just not going to cut (for example when you want to fund your next venture with some investment money) If nothing else we reckon it is worth signing up, for free, and finding out what might be on offer for your area and industry.

Please use our affiliate link > GoodBiz partnering with Swoop Funding ... so that Swoop knows who introduced you.

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