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GoodBiz Bio

Why should we listen to The Good Business Company?

Understanding  the business owner's perspective comes from Jo Seawright, the company founder, who's background as a Systems Specialist, EMyth Business Coach and a lot of experience as an owner operator, allows a unique and well versed insight into the plight of almost every entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs are great, if not amazing, at what they do ... the technical aspects of the job, the ability to deliver and delight the customer, and as a result is probably great at sales because they are both knowledgeable and passionate about their service or product... BUT they hate all the other stuff that goes with running the business like filing, chasing invoices, keeping up with emails.


It's fair to say that most people do not start a business because they love doing the admin or the books (unless you are a bookkeeper or offer admin services).

When starting your business it is estimated that up to 30% of your time is spent on admin. As you take on staff, that can start to increase significantly, taking away time from either important aspects of the business or the family...  until you are able to automate and delegate.

While we get our sleeves rolled up to give you a practical hands on approach sorting out parts of the business you really hate doing, we can start to look at strategies to give the business the capacity to to be able to grow without increasing your personal work load or stress levels.

Once you have some basic process with simple automation built in, this will start to give a business owner some breathing space to start to think about more strategic aspects of the business. Jo is able to work with and mentor business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs through the Business Freedom Framework, to look at the business more holistically and strategically, from the purpose to the profit and look to develop procedures that supports a business with great passion and the right team. We can help and guide you on exactly how to do that!

If you would like to talk more about what we can specifically do for you then please ping us a message or book a call.

The Good Business Company ... or as we fondly call it GoodBiz, supports small business owners with real practical help that bridges the gap between your own Executive Business Coach and setting up systems to allow you to delegate the work you don't have time or the joy to constantly look after. It will help to get you started working on your business. We can work with you to figure out the best way to run many of the repetitive tasks you know are important but shouldn't be taking up so much of your precious time!

We can not only help reduce and automate the business chores you hate, but we can help you build the engaged team to delegate it to, and help set up the reporting and management structure you need to stay in control and build the type of business you want.

Why use a service like this and not a 'cheap off the shelf' solution?

If you know exactly how you want something done and have a set, optimised procedure, then we probably are not what you are looking for unless you would like all your software to talk seamlessly to each other.

If however, you only have a rough idea on what needs to be done or you know there must be a better way to deal with what feels like an arduous or messy process where things get misplaced or forgotten,... perhaps you simply know what you don't want to do, or can't be bothered with but don't know how to delegate things without having to check everybody's work all the time, or if you are sure that there must be a better, more efficient way of doing something but just don't have the time to figure it out, then that is where we come in.

We can help you figure out what processes and systems your business needs, look at what is frustrating clients and employees, how best to optimise your entire operation to maximise yours and your teams skills and time, topped off by a set procedural template to allow anyone to follow the system. The software we use to help build a Business Operating System is fully customisable so can be set up for almost any business in any industry, we just need to understand how you specifically like things to be done.

But it is not all about IT, that is only half the equation, perhaps less than. Unlike a lot of IT companies, we do not focus on the Software, we focus on the people, how does the team need to work, how does the client want to be kept engaged, how does the manager need the performance data? That is where we start, with the People.


Once things start to work more efficiently we can then use the allocated time to start measuring and testing for even more time to be saved or better customer services, putting more money in your pocket and hopefully more time at your disposal to spend however you wish, whether that is going out and getting more business, or spending it with your significant others.

That being said, if you look at our solutions ongoing costs, we can still provide a solution that once set up is a lot less expensive than you would think... check out how much you could save on an ongoing basis with our Return on Investment calculator

Why does this make financial sense when I can do it all myself?
That depends on how much you value your time, if you enjoy all aspects of your business and if you would like to serve more clients

If you hourly rate was say only £50 an hour. Why spend 10 hours a week, worth £500 at that rate catching up on admin when someone could do far better work in 5 hours or less that would only cost you about £150 - £250. Those 10 hours could be spent either working for a client, getting more work in for your business or simply taking a well earned rest with the family.

Now say you you had a beautifully set up process so that an assistant or a freelancer could expertly replicate the work you used to do with even less time. You then suddenly have the capacity to increase the workload on the business without increasing any other costs bar your direct 'Cost of Sale'.

Obviously if you are desperate for client work and have a lot of time on your hands as well as enjoy doing everything in the office manually, again, we might not be the service you need right now, but if you are busy with a lot of work coming in we could be the leverage you need to start making things happen more efficiently, more smoothly, because everything behind the scenes would be working in a much more proficient manner.

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