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Who or What is Zoho?

In a nutshell Zoho is a comprehensive suite of business applications created to make your life running a business easier. All the apps work together seamlessly so that you are not paying someone to transfer information from your project files to your bookkeeping to your social media... it all works together.

The reason we chose to work with Zoho is because not only does it save our clients money with the actual subscription price, data integrity and speed with the integrations and automations but you can customise it to the Nth degree.

Every business is different so why should your business be shoe-horned into a package that everybody else is using? This way you get to choose what is more important to you, your staff and more importantly your customers.

Never heard of Zoho?

See all the Zoho One Apps

Don't worry, these people have...

But is it for me? I only have a small business.

As you can see from above, there a lot of big names, but most of our clients are small to medium in size. Some don't even have any staff yet.

Knowing it can serve big clients though is reassuring for when you want to grow. You know your business is future proofed, so our solution works particularly well for the fledgling or growing business.

Where do I start?

Zoho has so many applications under one roof that it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

We recommend that initially you book a call to talk through your current situation and we can suggest where might be a good place to start, what could make the quickest positive impact.

But if you feel like doing a bit of your own research here are a handful of places a lot of people get started to make sure the business basic boxes are all ticked...

Do I need to pay someone to implement Zoho?

The short answer is 'No'.


Many business pick up Zoho and implement a lot of stuff entirely on their own. Some of it is very intuitive.

But if you don't have the time, energy or inclination to roll your sleeves up and get 'techy' then we are more than happy to come up with either a package price, or charge by the hour to refine what you have done, or just implement it from scratch.


Depending on your needs you can start to use parts of the system within days while the other bits are being designed and developed. So a very organic approach can be used. In fact when you are extremely busy, or not 100% sure of all the features you might want we recommend the slow and organic approach so that the changes don't impact your business too much at any one time and you can try out smaller changes first.


Trying to think about what an entire business might need for everything that Zoho can do is just too big to contemplate all at once.

It also helps with your monthly cash flow... every little helps!

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