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The average small business can save over £400 a month just on office costs.

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Looking to cut costs and save time?

With our approach to Automation and Delegation you will:

  • Save money on your bottom line office costs

  • Make money by staying engaged with clients on social media or with orders... all from one place.

  • Reduce the number of spreadsheets needed everywhere to track everything.

  • Set up automation & integration to reduce double entry of data.

  • Keep staff happy by not trying to remember everything

  • Keep clients happy by completing things on time

  • Set up processes that allow staff to serve clients better

  • Reduce the number of issues because people don't have to remember when tasks need to be actioned.

  • Have total visibility over finances

  • Have total visibility over who has done what and when

  • Easily cover different staff roles by sharing key client information

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What can be integrated?
ROI Savings

We can look at integrating everything from lead generation to credit control. From there we can start to automate more and more admin and management tasks to give you a system that runs the day to day business for you leaving you to work on your business... or simply take more time off.

Below is a typical initial set-up

  • Lead generation - landing page forms and outreach emails

  • Lead nurturing - email auto-sequencing, CRM workflows and reminders to follow up and check in with prospects.

  • Sales Funnel - CRM 'Deals' or Job creation with automated contracts and digital signatures, Marketing and Sales funnel figures automatically recorded and reported with estimated sales forecasts.

  • Operations - 'Work in Progress' showing up in the correct stages with automated workflows integrated to make sure certain actions are completed, information filled in correctly, with notifications and reminders to interested parties and accurate reporting. Clients can be kept in the loop of every stage of their order... automatically.

  • Project Management - Deals, Jobs or Projects automatically created ready for adjusting and assigning, deadlines, scheduling, milestones and individual tasks, etc to tie in with Timesheets and Cost of Sales / consumable purchases.

  • Finance - All costs applied to the project shows up ready to be invoiced with a customisable level of detail depending on what you would like the client to see. Reminders, credit control, Inventory control, Shipping tiered pricing etc can all be integrated

  • Customer Services - Post sale, a proper help desk set up to ensure all help requests are recorded centrally and with the help of the marketing features Customer Service can be on hand as soon as a client is seen landing on your website. Surveys can be sent out automatically on completion of work or delivery or at set milestones,
    Repeat Business - Set up automation to either contact clients directly or remind your sales team to contact a client themselves.

This is just the tip of the iceberg... there so much more that can be integrated and automated leaving you to do the stuff you love to do that we really can't go into detail on a web-site. 


Book a call to tell us about your business, and your specific ways of working and we can calculate how much work we could save you.

Or use our calculator below to estimate what you could save in time and money

The average business spends 30% of all man hours on admin related activities.

Using our approach we can reclaim over 70% of that time

Return on Investment - Calculate Your Savings in Time & Money


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