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Manual quotes and deposit invoices...

replaced by automatic quotes and online payments

A Rug Laundry wanted to automate their quoting system and share their incoming orders directly with the shop floor

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On their website when a customer requests a quote they are first asked for details, this is automatically pushed to the CRM as a lead and the customer is then sent options for 3 different packages and delivery requests. The delivery charges are dependent on both the package and the geographic location, for which there is an editable lookup table. When a package is chosen a quote is sent out automatically requesting an online deposit. If a drop-off is required, the online booking calendar is then sent for the customer to choose a date and time which suits the client, if it is a collection the details are sent to the Laundry manager to add to the collection list.... Up to this point all interaction has been automated. 

All that is left to do is wait for the rug to arrive and check the physical details against what the customer has sent. This has cut a huge amount of repetitive admin for the business owner, and all data is collected ready for future marketing campaigns.

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