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T Cards & Manilla Files...

replaced by an electronic kanban view and digitally signed contracts

This project was a very traditional business that manufactured and serviced their products

kanban project wokflow

This project required multiple pipelines, one of which was for a third party sales pipeline and it had quite a complicated quoting and contract process, which we were able to put online so that the customer service team could very quickly pull together a visual proposal, dropping in pre-determined illustrations and then including the measurements. It is then compiled automatically and emailed for online signature along with a remittance / deposit invoice. Once signed the office could then follow up by the scheduling of the installations and the purchase of materials.

They also had a servicing department where issues and emergency call-outs were sent to the designated engineer along with directions and client notes as soon as the call came in. Aform was then required to be filled in along with time taken and estimation of work or a service invoice, all completed in location.

Installations were then put on an online visual job board so that all members of staff and installation teams could see upcoming jobs. Notifications were then sent out to both customers, engineers and office staff to request certain actions to be taken or confirmed etc.

Previously this was all done manually on lots of different types of forms, scraps of paper and a physical T-Card system which was difficult to keep up to date, with client files frequently misplaced, causing chaos and ineffective ways of working.

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