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Make it easy for your clients - Google Forms

We all want to make correspondence between ourselves and our clients as easy and as painless as possible so they can make that booking with you and then get on with their lives.

As we all know, the more you make your customer work for your service (think of the 3 click rule) the less likely they will use you.

Below is a quick intro to google forms with the link to the QR generator below

If you are using it for data collection such as a survey or a customer focus group / feedback form, you can take the responses and ask Google to automatically put them into a spreadsheet for you. And every time you get a new response Google will just keep updating the spreadsheet.

The one thing I would recommend to do when using this function is to set up a drive just for the form and the responses as it can take you a while to find your spreadsheet if not properly organised.

And don't forget, anything created in the native Google file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Forms do not take up space in your google drive, only non-native files such as PDFs, videos and Microsoft files like word or excel.

So it really is free in every sense of the word.

What have you used Google Forms for? And how well did it work? We would love to hear, and it might give some other business owners ideas on how they might want to use such a great little free tool.

Here is one of many free QR generators >>

Some can get really fancy and allows you to put your own logo or design into the code.

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