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Maybe your laptop isn't too old...

Maybe it's just too cluttered...?

A lot of devices become overweight with lots of updates and hidden files you don't know about. Here we have Alex explaining all the things you could check for before reaching for the credit card...

Worried about Security? Alex has you covered with that too.

  • Disk check

  • Windows Updates

  • Driver Updates

  • Bios Update

  • Bloatware

  • Malware

  • Security

  • Password manager

  • Back-up

  • Resource usage

  • System Diagnostics

  • System Performance check

Need help with something else?
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If this is getting too technical or you are just too busy let us check things out for you>>



Why are you offering this for free?

The IT support is a new service launched when Alex came on board. 

To help small business get to know and trust us with their IT we thought it would be better for you to be able to Try Before You Buy. If you like us then you might consider using us on a more permanent basis.

Why use GoodBiz for IT?

We don't speak geek to clients.

We specialise in taking the technical jargon, and the confusion it can cause out of the equation. We offer good, honest and cost effective advice. 

We have a very experienced IT Manager who knows their Motherboard from their Backend and everything in between but is very aware that some customers are not technically minded and just needs to know there computer is running well and their business data is safe.

Want to get in contact direct?

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