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Frustrated With The Windows 11 Upgrade? "StartAllBack" Has You Covered

Are you finding Windows 11 a little irritating with their added "features" like a right click that adds more clicks to get to your required settings, unable to right click on the taskbar to access options, move your taskbar to the top or side of your screen or even just the simple ability to pin a shortcut to your taskbar by dragging it over there?

Well you aren't alone. Some very talented folks over at StartAllBack has developed a pretty complete bit of software that changes things back to how Windows on desktop should be. I will take you through a couple of notable features and how to change them as this is quite customisable and can make your desktop experience far better.

First thing first, this isn't a free piece of software however it is very inexpensive at $5 but that's it. A one-time-buy licence with no extra fees, just $5 to basically fix Windows 11 and cheaper if you by multiple licences at once.

Now the software itself is very easy to install where you just download the latest version from their website and run the installer and then buy a licence from their website to enable the features and you are good to go.

Once you have StartAllBack installed you will be greeted initially by 3 options for simple and easy changes that gives back most of the added functionality of Windows 10.

Proper 11 is a slight redesign of how you interact with Windows 11 without changing too much aesthetically.

Kinda 10 is a more substantial overhaul of how things look and brings back more things from Windows 10 that are missing.

Remastered 7 is for those that miss the look of Windows 7 but doesn't add much else to the table.

If you want to get into the different options that change the look and how you interact with Windows yourself and customise things to your liking you'll want to head into the more advanced options. I will go over my favourite ones that I use.

My personal favourite options in StartAllBack give you your full right click functions back. This is in the Taskbar and the Explorer options.

Enable enhanced classic taskbar
Enable Classic context menus

These two settings give you your right click back in all its former glory and it works as though nothing had changed from previous Windows.

StartAllBack File Right Click

StartAllBack Taskbar Right Click
Default Taskbar and File Right Click

The other feature that the enhanced classic taskbar changes is the ability to pin a shortcut to your taskbar just by dragging the icon from your desktop or file explorer which I think is a major oversight on Microsoft's part but its back now thanks to StartAllBack.

The next biggest thing for me was getting my classic start menu back. The default Windows 11 menu is fine but it looks so large and empty and doesnt have the same capability as what was offered in previous Windows versions and also displays adverts for apps that you havent installed and probably dont want. No Microsoft I dont want TikTok or Clipchamp on my PC thanks. With the enhanced classic start menu it brings back the old style start menu with a ton of welcome customisation. You can now add custom folders to show on the right hand side of the menu with additional context menu's if you wish making access files very easy if you like to use the start menu to search for them.

Windows 11
StartAllBack Default Style

Now with these options you can make Windows 11 look more like Windows 10 or even 7 if you so wish. The level of customisation is warmly welcome for those that want to make there user experience that bit more tailored to their needs. Things like the Dynamic transparency is very nice with the Default visual style in the Taskbar settings making your screen feel like it has more screen real estate without having to hide the task bar entirely.

I believe for $5 StartAllBack is almost an essential app and should be bundle with any Windows 11 license. For those who want the features that were lost moving from Windows 10 to 11 it is a requirement and I know for me it has made my transition over to Windows 11 much more seamless and pleasant that I frequently forget I've switched over.

This is a follow up from our previous Windows 11 review

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