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Mentoring & Coaching for Business Owners

Many Business Owner Operators find they hit a plateau at some point with their business, and can't figure out how to move forward or get some work life balance back.

We can provide packages from purely coaching to practical help to fully support the business that includes doing some of the basics for you. 

For one to one individualised coaching the prices start from £500 but we are in the middle of pulling together all of Jo's material into a smorgasbord of concepts, Tips & Tricks and of course practical training where for much less money you can dip into the modules you feel you need to implement at any given time and give you access to a live Q&A monthly session.

If you would like to be one of our Beta testers and get in for a hugely discounted rate that you get to keep for the rest of your membership then please drop us a line using the contact form below and we can get you set up.

What is going to be in the course?

Jo has been certified by EMyth (of Michael Gerber fame) and has studied many other concepts such as the EOS (Entrepreneurs Operating System) and the Profit First priniciple. She is also a certified consultant in Systems Thinking, and has ran, coached and troubled shot many businesses across several industries.

All this knowledge and experience has gone into creating this unique course. And it is unique because the main focus is implementation rather than just knowledge.

If any of this is making sense to you but you are unsure, just get in contact and we can discuss what you and your business really needs.

Our pledge to you

We will always look for the most cost effective way for you to build the business you want. If that means recommending some free software you can run yourself, or suggesting you use someone else that might be better suited, we will. Honesty is always paramount to developing a longer term relationship and every member of staff understands this is one of our key values.

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