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Work Less, Earn More...

A collaborative approach to
streamlining small businesses
~ automate & delegate ~
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Wondering how to possibly work less & earn more?

To leverage the maximum out of your time and resources in the fastest time possible we suggest...

Step 1 - Chat to one of our System Specialists.

Talk about how things currently work and maybe how you would like it to in a perfect world. Let them know all your niggles as well as the things that work well and are really important to you and your clients.

Step 2 - Use our 'Done for You' service to automate as much as possible.

From Step one we will be able to start creating a system that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you and your staff. This is implemented in such a way so as to not create much interruption at all. 


Step 3 - Delegate the rest.

Once you start to see how the System can drive all your processes, reminders, checks and analysis, you start to have the confidence that specific steps and opportunities won't get forgotten, leaving you the time to see where other improvements might be made.

To achieve this we offer both a practical, complete 'Done-for-you service, as well as the strategic help and advice should you want to tackle improvements in house.

Purge the Paperwork

Too many paper forms?

Spreadsheet Overload?

Constant checking and chasing for correct information?

This is often where many businesses like to start, setting up proper digital forms to reduce a lot of wasted time, duplication, and potential costly errors.

Job Management

Gain Full Visibility and better scheduling for all your Jobs, Projects and Contracts.

From Quotes to Work in Progress to Staged Invoices and all the tasks in between

Invoice Integration

Get paid on time in full

Take the information generated by Enquiries, Sales Orders or Job Mangement and integrate it directly into your Invoicing so every client detail is automatically updated, and chargeable items are never forgotten. 


Take a Strategic Approach

Bespoke CRMs & Full Business Systems

Leverage the expertise in your business & automate as much as possible, leaving you to do what you do best.


A well designed Business System that has automation built in can save your business a massive amount of time and less likely to drop the ball with potential clients and deadlines.

Client Testimonials

Jayne - Red Shoe Company

Jo's system was a life saver. I don't like dealing with numbers but I understand how important it is to look after the money. We now have a simple go-to dashboard and the bookkeeping is looked after by GoodBiz.

Clinton - Forum

The staff had been through a lot the past year, Covid was just one factor contributing to difficult times. Jo and the team came on board and they have been gradually working through all the finances, bookkeeping and management structure. It has made for a much happier and productive office.

Sabine - Kinesiology Clinic

I have been working with Jo for quite some time now and every month we look at another element of what I want to be working on next. She helps me to keep on track and moving forward by holding me accountable, and always offers up an alternative perspective.

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